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I am the proud granddaughter of Hungarian and Slovakian Immigrants.
This blog is where I share some insights about my avocations of Horticulture and Handweaving.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019


My list has been updated as of 6/11 --


Friends have been asking so it is time for a PLANT SALE and GARDEN OPEN 

June 9th      10 - 4

6323 150 pl SW Edmonds WA 98026

other times by appointment-- pm on facebook, or text 425-478-4384

Plant lists: 
there will be SOME PLANTS FOR FREE or for a donation to DEFEAT MYELOMA

Plants for sale that are potted and ready with a few just recently potted:
Acer circinatum
Achlys triphylla 
Arisaema consanguineum and tortuosum
Aruncus aesthifolius
Astrantia major *
Beesia deltophylla
Blechnum penna-marina ssp.penna-marina- small start
Cardamine trifolia
Carex 'Ice Dance' 
Clematis alpina 'Willy' 4 inch pots
Clematis viticella 'Alba Luxurians'
Daphne mezereum
Dicentra formosa
Disporum flavum
Hardy Geranium 'Victor Reiter strain'
Helleborus  hybridus 
Helwingia chinensis, narrow leaf form
Hydrangea 'Lemon Zest'
Hydrangea 'Geoffrey Chadbund' - yet to be potted
Iris- Pacific coast evergreen species*
Onoclea sensibilis - one flat
Ophiopogon planascapus 'Nigrescens'
Persicaria virginiana (Compton's form) 
Persicaria virginiana form of 'Painter's Palette' 
Phlomis russeliana 
Phlox paniculata - garden phlox light purple
Disporopsis pernyi
Polysticum munitum
Salvia forsskaolei *
Saxifraga form of 'Maroon Beauty'
Thalictrum rochebruneanum
Trachystemon orientalis
Uncinia rubra - Red hook Sedge
Uvularia sessilifolia
Weigela florida

*also additional plants not yet potted

More plants/ seedlings in my garden that could still be divided or dug: 
Rosa glauca, Diphylleia cymosa, Primula japonica, Chrysosplenium macrophyllum, ....

I'm not sure of what is left of 
Sam's plants:

Many beautiful plants for sale- some I have a few of, some more than a few: Hardy Fuchsia: F. magellanica 'Purple Mountain' 4" pot $5 F. magellanica 'Whiteknights Amethyst' 4" $5 Shrubs: Arctostaphyllos densiflora 'Sentinel' 4" $5 Choisya ternata 'Sundance' 4" $5 Coprosma 'Beatson's Gold' 4" $5 Corokia x virgata 'Sunsplash' 4" $5 Ficus x 'Ruth Bancroft' 4" $5 Prunus laurocerasus 'Mt. Vernon' 4" $5 Hydrangea: Hydrangea serrata 'O Amacha Nishiki' variegated mountain Hydrangea 1 gal $10 Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nigra' black stem 2 gal $20 Perennials: Cautleya cathcartii Hardy Ginger 1 gal $10 Hedychium densiflorum Hardy Ginger-Lily 1 gal $10 Hedychium greenei 1 gal $10 Abutilon: Tiger Eye, Searchlight, Pink Charm 4" $5 Less

Seller Information

Joined Facebook in 2007

6/11 -- I'm not sure what all is left  of hers--- 
And now Gwen Bennetts is bringing vegetable plants also! 

                             1 Sun Gold Cherry
                             4 Bumble Bee Cherry
                             1Red Robin Cherry
                             1 Roma - slicer
                             1 Brandy Wine - slicer
                             9 Bell Peppers - Calif Wonder and Ruby King
                             6 Kale
                             1 Savory Cabbage
                             1 yellow squash
                             2 Sweet Basil
                             3 Purple Basil
              Lemon Tree
                             4 small Myers Lemon Trees
              Asparagus starts

4 Japanese Maples
10 Heuchera – Red leaves
5 Cosmos – pink or white
3 Hosta
3 Poppies – hot pink
6 Zinna – California Giants

2 Angel Trumpet starts  Variegated

15 Ferns – Lady Ferns and Sword Ferns - mixed

Monday, November 19, 2018


as of Nov. 19, 2018

These are the items still available after the gift show last week
where I sold about half of my inventory! 

So now you can browse here and let me know if you would like to set up a time to come by and see in person. 
You can call, PM on facebook, or email at

these were very popular this year and only two left: 
now SOLD - Berry Rum Tencel warp with gold weft
in a wide and long single infinity cowl

thick Rayon chenille 

these were also quite popular this year 

Patina sock yarn with 5/2 Mink Tencel weft in a twill double infinity cowl

shade tree 4/2 Tencel with 8/2 lemongrass tencel weft DOUBLE INFINITY COWL
goes with so many colors but great over dark Olive green

SOLD - Berry Rum 4/2 Tencel with 8/2 gold Tencel
wide and long for doubling infinity cowl 

Thick Chenilles in Reds and burgandies
with soft pops of specialty yarns
 lush, warm, double infinity cowl

 SOLD -Hand dyed in Moccassin 8/2 Tencel with straw color tencel weft
silky double infinity cowl

 Your Blue Friday accessory!
Seahawk colors in superwash sock yarn from Frolicking Feet,
made with sparkling specialty yarns into a high double infinity cowl
weft of Rayon Tencel in Navy

Huckleberry Knits gradient  superwash merino wool sock yarn
woven with burgandy tencel for a lightweight double infinity cowl

Thick chenille in ombre Black to Grey double infinity cowl
with pops of specialty ribbon and yarns

Multi colors of 8/2 Rayon Tencel
woven with black in a block weave
into a wide long double infinity cowl


Raku pattern 8/2 Tencel in Mauve and Coral

SOLD - 4/2 Tencel in Berry Rum
woven with Viel Or Gold 8/2 Tencel from Brassard
        Raku pattern in silky 8/2 Rayon Tencel woven with Teal and Navy Tencel                                                         

Yarntopia Treasures  Rayon Tencel
in 4/2 High tide color. woven with medium blue Tencel                                                 


8/2 Burgandy Tencel turned twill drall Block weave
in multi fibonacci sequence
woven with grey blue 
multi colors of silky 8/2 Tencel woven with black
in turned twill drall block weave 


Soft thick chenille in bright colors woven with

multi Autumn colors with specialty yarn accents
in thick soft Rayon chenille

Ombre Black Blue, fuchsia woven with Navy

Ombre Teal, fuchsia, Grey woven with Mauve

thick soft Valentine Reds woven with thick red Chenille and specialty ribbon and sparkles 

Chenille bright blues with bright Azure

Thick Silk City Bordeau Red weft
woven through deep reds, black, and grey with pops of accent colors in the warp

SOLD Seahawk inspired colors of thick Chenille
three stripe version

Seahawk inspired colors of thick Chenille
woven with a two stripe and single stripe ends

Ombre thick chenille black to grey with pops of color and specialty yarns in warp
woven with Shale grey

Same warp of Ombre black to grey and specialty pops of color
this one is woven with black

Sock yarn warps

Huckleberry Knits special Gradient superwash Merino wool sock yarn
 woven with a navy Tencel in a point twill weave.

Huckleberry Knits special Gradient superwash Merino wool sock yarn
woven in tabby with Navy Tencel for a lightweight fun scarf.

Lornas Laces sock yarn in watercolor superwash Merino/ Nylon
woven with Noro King of mixed wools, silk and cotton
great to wear over your outer jacket 

Huckleberry Knits BFL superwash sock yarn in 'No Nicer Witch'
woven with Navy tencel for a soft lightweight scarf
that casually goes with many colors and your blue jeans

Huckleberry Knits BFL superwash sock yarn with Autumn colors
woven with Olive Tencel for a lightweight scarf. 

Frolicking Feet superwash merino yarn in Seahawk inspired colors.
Woven with Navy Tencel  




CABLE CROCHET with 50/50 Acrylic / Nylon

Cable Crochet with superwash Malabrigo soft Merino wool.
Dark Teal is SOLD

Crocheted with Noro Transitions - this unique blend of fibers of
Wool, Silk, Cashmere, Angora, Alpaca, Mohair and Camel
give amazing warmth and is so very soft.
I'll be making more of these, My favorite to wear on walks.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


The gift show for 2018 is under our belt. 

Thankful for all the people who make this possible every year.  I meet new people and my scarves and hats find good homes. It is especially exciting when I see my favorites go to people I know. 

I'm also thankful for Frank who puts up with my last minute ( last two month actually) intense constant weaving and preparing as well as the help loading and unloading, and then  loading and unloading again as he delivers everything and me to the show and back. And everything positive to say of all the dinners and grocery shopping he always does anyway that allows me to enjoy my hobby so much.
Now it is my turn to put the whole house back together and clean up the scattered remnants that made their way into every room in the house. The new crochet projects will take their place besides my family room chair in hopefully a better controlled arrangement - for a while anyway. Those new ideas just keep popping up!  

The show was crazy busy the first 3 hours!  (Was there an important Husky game in the afternoon?)  I wish the show could be two days.  
As pictures of the table show, I was very stocked up and many of the items were still rolled up. Those who came early did not get to see the selection that got unrolled as the day went on. I probably should have paid$ for an extra space. 

Items sold well and I'm always surprised where the interest is each year. This year the autumn colors were well received whereas none sold last year.  The small single cowls all sold and most of the narrow size double cowls. 
Only three special handdyed Tencel scarves sold. I may have gone over the price point on them, but unfortunately the cost of those yarns, and all my yarns and supplies went up in cost for the dyers and weavers last year, and more are going up this coming year.  My prices are still way less than any found on Etsy of this quality. And the same or less than at the Seattle Weaver's guild shows.
I'm certainly grateful for those customers who understand that. 
The two months when I couldn't do weaving due to myeloma issues, I picked up some very nice acrylic yarn I ordered from the UK and made some beanies and ALL of them sold!  
Half of the headwarmers sold.   So I know what my quiet evenings with maybe some music or TV will find me doing this winter. 

But wow! the weather is great and it is sunny, but cold, so maybe I should be out in the garden doing fall clean up and planting. I always intend to get some items from my potting propagation area planted in the fall after the rains start but there is still warm soil. It is a little late for warm soil, but in the PNW plants can be planted as long as the soil is not frozen or saturated.  

I will update my Current Inventory soon.  A lot of great weaving is available. 
Just email or call to arrange a time to come by: 

Pictures from just before the show started: 

notice the double stacked rolled scarves

new scarf display stand that Frank built
notice the rolled cowls stacked up